Red Program

Ages: 4-6 years
Cost: $170 for 10 week term
Maximum Class Size: 4 students
Lesson Duration: 30 minutes

Details: A great introduction to tennis. Lessons are fun and engaging using a variety of games to disguise the learning. These classes lay down the fundamental movement and co-ordination skills needed to become a successful tennis player.

270girl hitting 400

Orange Program

Ages: 7-8 years
Cost: $185 for 10 week term
Maximum Class Size: 3 students
Lesson Duration: 30 minutes

Details: Students continue to hone their technique and increase their range of strokes.  The "Game Sense" approach to teaching ensures rapid improvement and maintains the students' interest in tennis. Lessons are fun and challenging.


Green Program

Ages: 9-18 years
Cost: $200 for 10 week term
Maximum Class Size: 2.3 or 4 students
Lesson Duration: 30, 45 or 60 minutes

Details: Students are placed in classes based on ability and age. More advanced techniques are taught as well as match procedures, etiquette and umpiring. From these classes students can progress into competition and tournament tennis if they choose.


Private Lessons for Children, Adults or Families

Ages:Any age
Cost: $350 for 10 week term (Manoj, Kurt, Tiana coaching)
$400 for Jeff's lessons

Lesson Duration: 30 minutes

Details: An individualised program ensures the most rapid improvement. This is the preferred option for those juniors who take their tennis
very seriously as well as for adults who wish to take lessons. Family groups can also share a private lesson.