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We do catch up lessons in the school holidays which follow each term.  Normally these are done at the same day and time they were during the term but we do vary this to suit the needs of students.

Note: When there are 50% or less of the scheduled number of students in a group, we do not do catch up lessons.  For example, if you are paying for a green class (2 students in a half hour class) but you are the only student booked in for the term, we do not do catch ups (as you have already had double the coaching time than you have paid for).  We think this is fair.

If possible (that is, if we have time between the rain starting and your lesson commencing), we try to send you an sms message if we are washed out.  We don't normally send messages if the lesson is still on.  If in doubt, please call 0412 956 301.

Private Lessons: Provided you give us reasonable notice (ideally 24 hours), we will reschedule your lesson (either to another day or during school holidays).

Group lessons: We connot cancel a whole group just because 1 student will be absent. What we can do is try to find you a catch up lesson on another day/time that has a vacancy in it.  Depending upon the age, ability and availability of the student this may not always be possible.

Students are invoiced by email at the beginning of term and fees are due on the first week of term.

Payments may be made by cash or direct deposit.


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